The importance of cleanliness!

Computers are like any other machine - they require some care and attention to keep them going and like many machines we own, we tend to ignore that fact.

I have been servicing computers for years now (gulp!) and I have seen many a pc that is clogged up due to the amount of dust and debris that is pulled in by constant running fans. Not to mention the fact that many towers live in dust clouds under desks along with the cable monster who tangles everything up and then throws dust into the back of the machine.

Laptops by their very nature, roam the house with their small fans chugging away sucking in various types of dust balls - it could be floating ash from a log burner, or various kitchen foodstuffs (flour, crumbs) that travel around during a cooking-fest that requires a laptops presence.

Here's a before and after of a recently serviced pc for you;


So you can see that the heatsink is so badly clogged that eventually overheating could damage the board due to poor air circulation. The video cards onboard fan was just as bad!

This is something that a proper clean could so easily avoid so keep this in mind when you think your pc is getting a bit 'noisy'. 

Could you do without the pc whilst a motherboard was being replaced? 

Would it be better to have someone service it for an hour or so and then that possibility is avoided?

Could I do this for you?

Of course I could...I wouldn't write this otherwise would I?

Think about it and if you feel like giving your pc a treat, give me a call and if you are wondering whether I would name and shame your pc , don't worry....

That one was mine!

Rob Smith