Go Phish!

As more and more people try and get your details, there seems to be a rush to get emails out with a minimum of spell and grammar checking! See below for a class email 'from PayPal'

Subject:Your paypal account has been Limited!

To: xxxx@hotmail.com

From: xxxx@hotmail.com 

Sent: Mon 23/03/15 05:22
To: xxxx@hotmail.com


During of our regulare ╬Żerlfication and update of the Internet
Banking Accounts. we couldn't verify your current information.
Either your information incomplet  or has been changed

< Confirm Now >

we want to increase your security and
comfort level with every transaction. From our
Buyer and Seller Protection Policies to our
Verification and Reputation systems, we'll help to
keep you safe.


Do we all feel safer now? Thank goodness that they had a regulare verlfication....although I'm sure there's cream for that.

Keep in mind that regardless of how official looking the email may be - emails purporting to have "problems with your account" or "security issues" are no doubt phishing, just trying to get your details and syphon away your hard-earned readies so dump the emails and if you have any possible reason to wonder, login to your account the normal way (not via any links) and check there, or speak to them directly.

Be safe folks!

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