The Heartbleed bug

I'm sure most people have read about the Heartbleed bug and how many servers are affected, but I have below courtesy of XKCD a much simplified example of what is happening; 

So the server is giving back more information from it's memory than it needs to which could include passwords and private keys used to secure and encrypt conversations back and forth.

Many servers are now patched, but it will be wise to ensure that any site you have sensitive data on has been patched and then change your passwords.

Also, Android devices are awaiting a patch too so best to check with your provider or manufacturer if you can have the latest update.

This link gives a good list of the most popular sites and whether you should change your password - remember there's no point changing it until you can be sure the site is patched.

Any questions? Sure there are many! Drop me a line if you want any more information

Safe Surfing!