2014 and the end of XP

Well 2014 is upon us now and the end of support for XP is nigh.

This doesn't mean your pc will give a sigh and stop however! What it does mean that no future updates to plug any security holes will take place.

The theory goes that as new updates are sent to newer Microsoft systems (Windows 7 and 8), the  security flaws that they 'plugged' can be reverse-engineered to work out what the flaws were.

Malicious script can then be created taking advantage of these flaws and targeted at older PCs running XP.

What to do?

Panic not! Older PCs are quite capable of running Windows 7 or 8 and sometimes may just need more RAM added.

Of course, you won't be able to play the latest Call of Duty or Star Wars:The Old Republic on an older PC but if you are a normal surfer/emailer/facebooker, then upgrading the operating system should be enough to keep you going for many years to come.

I have upgraded many PCs now some as old as 2004 (ancient in PC terms) and possibly one even older, so if you have XP and would rather upgrade than have to buy a new PC, give me a call.

I can advise on the upgrade procedure and whether more RAM would be required and how the process would work for your PC, (PC would be desktop or laptop computer).

When upgrading, I ensure your personal data is transferred across and any other software you are using is transferable (there may be the odd bit of old software that isn't compatible but then there is normally an updated version) so the upgrade should be fairly painless.

Email me:rob@robsmith-it.com or call on +33(0)5 49 07 52 26 for more information.

Yours in IT...